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Cascade Cafe and Creative Recovery is just the tip of the iceberg for recovery in Brighton. This page provides information on how to volunteer with us and dip your toe into something truly remarkable. You will also find links to recovery services across the city, Fellowships, and much more. 

Cascade Volunteers are one of the things that make us a truly inspirational place to be. The vast majority of the volunteers who share their time with us are from all walks of life and backgrounds and come together with the shared experience of addiction and recovery*. 

If you are new to recovery and would like to do something positive and productive with your time, and discover more, then we'd love to hear from you. You could cook up a storm in the cafe or attend barista training to make the perfect cup of coffee. If that's not your thing then our events, communications, funding and community hub working groups are always looking for people to pitch in with new skills and ideas. 

If you're interested in volunteering with us or have a skill to share then please just click the button, pop in some details and we'll be in touch. 

*You do not have to be in recovery to volunteer with us.

In Brighton we are very lucky to have a wealth of services available to people in recovery, who may have had it and want it again, or are seeking it and want to find some help. You are not alone! Below are links that may be of use to you:

BHT’s Addiction services projects work across Brighton & Hove across the addiction pathway and consist of three services: Detox, Recovery and Move On

Treatment and recovery options. Support for families and carers. Health promotion. Safe space and YMCA downslink.

St Thomas Fund is a residential rehabilitation service that offers a safe place for adults wanting to become free of drugs and alcohol.

As well as the various professional support services available in Brighton, the City is host to all of the major fellowships and there are regular meetings every single day. There are too many to list here but we have linked to their websites to enable you to find a meeting You are still not alone! Below are links that may be of use to you:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous Family Group

Cocaine Anonymous

Codependants Anonymous

Drug Addicts Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous


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